Apr 24, 2024

Wade McNutt

Wade McNutt, Alumnirehabs in Texas
I’m Wade McNutt, 22 years old. Growing up, I had a loving family with parents who wanted nothing but the best for me. I went to church and knew about God, but I never had a real relationship with Him. Not knowing about His promises and love for me, I found it hard to cope with life. I began drinking and using drugs at a very young age, and as I got older the abuse only got worse. After hurting my family repeatedly, I felt like I had no one left to turn to. I found myself hopeless, and ready for a change. I went to Teen Challenge of Texas – Magnolia Men’s Campus to get my life back together, and graduated in December 2009. Since then my life has been filled with so many blessings. I met my beautiful wife, and now we are leading worship at our church in New York. I thank God for this program and all the wonderful things He has done for me.