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I came back to Adult & Teen Challenge to finish what I started and to rebuild my relationship with the Lord. I am hoping to gain peace with myself and finally accomplish something on my own, with the help of the Lord.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because for the last two years I had been battling an addiction that nearly took my life. I feel like God gave me a second chance, so I can get the help I need and change my life.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I was deep in my addiction. I was lost and hurting myself, but it took a great toll on my family which ended in them walking away. I lost every person that I loved. I reached a point that I wanted to overdose to stop the pain of worrying about the people I was hurting. That was when the Lord spoke to me, and brought me here. So that I could find freedom, and rebuild my relationships.

I came here to recover from my life-controlling issues and to build my life on a solid foundation in Christ. I hope to grow in Christ, and build- lie long friendships, and mature in my identity in Christ.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I wanted to become a better husband for my wife, and serve God for all He has given me. God gave me a new life and made me a new creation. My hope this year is to become a man of God. I want to develop a strong foundation and put to practice God’s word and calling over my life.

While I was living in the world, I was living a very sinful life living with ungodly roommates and one day realized how far away from God I truly was. I tried getting sober on my own, but was becoming very aware of my sin, which made me concerned for my soul. Like the prodigal son, I returned home and through the guidance of my family they brought me to Adult & Teen Challenge. I have been getting back on the fruitful, productive path God always had for me.

Towards the end of 2023 I had fallen into the grips of alcohol abuse. I felt my life had no purpose and I had distanced myself from all my friends and family had tried other programs, but they did last. However, this is the first faith-based program I have attended. I expect to succeed in my sobriety this time. I have seen the program work in my family already.

My entire life I have struggled with understanding my purpose, which led me to a path of running to destructive means that brought harm to my life and my family’s life. I am done running away from God, and hope to build a relationship with Him. I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to find freedom, and for God to transform my heart. I chose to turn from my life of darkness and to walk in His light.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because my life was damaged from the influence of drugs, and had hit a “dead end in the road”. I hope to recover and find restoration for my life. So far, I have gotten closer to that goal with each day that passes.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I had family conflict, and I wanted to learn more about God. I am hoping to become more Christlike, and to get my GED. I am also hoping to become financially independent.

My addiction that once gave me comfort “that old familiar friend,” soon became this great hand of bondage that was stealing my life! My addiction had gotten to be point where daily living was unmanageable. It was breaking me and tearing my family apart. I was brought to the point of finally turning to the Lord in faith and crying out for help! The Lord brought me to Adult & Teen Challenge, and I am hoping to grow in my relationship with the Lord.

I chose to come here, with the help of God to get sober and to have a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I realized that my addiction wasn’t only hurting myself, but it was hurting my loved ones. I would apologize to them for my actions and then turn back around and to the same thing again. I was sick and tired of myself and my excuses, so I decided it was time for me to change.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to find peace and sobriety from an addiction that was crippling. My addictions brought in so much darkness and broke relationships with my family. I am hoping through the grace given to me in Christ Jesus my relationships will be restored. Through diligence and perseverance, I hope to build a relationship with Christ. I aim to use this experience as fuel to the calling that Christ has put in my heart to use my testimony.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge so I can break the generational curse of addiction. I hope to I break free from addiction and become a righteous man for my family. I want to develop a strong relationship with God and my Lord Jesus. I want to clean up my life and have a clean slate to serve God the rest of life.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge not just to get clean and sober, but mainly because I knew I needed Jesus in my life. I spent most of my life running from God, but now I have fully surrendered everything to Him. I have never felt more free!

I had a good job as a lineman providing for my family, when 14 months ago I fell into a dark place. I fell back into old habits of drinking and drugs. I ended up losing everything; my good job, my family, and my future. I had nowhere to turn, and started crying out to God to change me for good this time. He guided me back home to Adult & Teen Challenge.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge so that I can learn how to finally be free from the chains of sin & addiction. Most importantly, I came here so I could learn how to “live” again. I hope to gain the knowledge and tools to be successful and apply them to the rest of my life.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to be still in front of God, and for Him to change the way I think. I also, came here for healing and restoration within my family. I pray I cam learn to fully surrender myself and let His will be done.

After a year of constant mental, physical and verbal abuse from an ex-roommate, I decided that I needed help, but didn’t know where to begin. At the end of 2022, my dad told me about Adult & Teen Challenge. It was hard at first to make the decision to come here and to choose a life without anxiety and PTSD ruling my life. Working to remove these shackles were even harder, but it has all be worth it. To feel freedom and have confidence I never knew before. Coming to

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