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I grew up in church and had a great childhood. But after close family members died, I became more and more depressed and cynical and coped by using alcohol and other substances. I ended up homeless and made the choice to come to Adult and Teen Challenge to turn my life over to God and have Him direct my path and regain balance and purpose in my life.

On the first Friday of November, 2022, my wife hit me with divorce, and I tried to commit suicide that night. I am from Michigan, and I prayed and asked God where I should go, and this location on the webpage opened up. I asked God if this was from Him, and a random guy gave me $300 for my ticket, so I got here as fast as I could. I hope to rebuild my relationship with God and learn who I am in Him and what He wants me to do.

I had two choices – I could come to Adult and Teen Challenge or be homeless. I chose the best option, especially after I admitted to myself that I had a drug problem. I was going down the wrong path. I had a good job and a nice home, but I was just existing. Something was missing, and that was Jesus.

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Assign my sponsorship where needed most

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