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Sponsor a Student at the Houston Women's Campus

I suffer from fibromyalgia. I usually can’t make it through 90 days at work without injury or illness. This condition often keeps me bedridden and unable to gain enough income to sustain a home. I hope by coming to Adult & Teen Challenge I will be able to gain the independence and skills to save money to get my privacy and home back. I am here to learn to be a better Christian; to love my God with all my heart mind and soul.

My battle with my addiction began in 2019 as a coping mechanism for the harmful things that took place in my life. I was facing prison sentence and I choose instead to come to Adult & Teen Challenge. I needed a safe haven for me to begin a new life and heal through God’s word. This has become a place for me to relearn how to function in society, to form new friendships and how to allow God to be Lord of my life.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to overcome my battles of fear, abandonment and rejection. I had sinned in my anger and did not originally want to come here. God brought me here because He was not done with me yet! I’ve learned you can try running from God, but in the end it’s easier to surrender and obey. I hope to become an intern and get to help others overcome their strongholds.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to quit my alcohol addiction for good. I hope to graduate from this program changed. I hope to be free from my addictions, but most importantly a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am hoping for restoration with my family.

God planted the seed of Adult & Teen Challenge when I went to jail in Montgomery County in 2023. He prepared me for three months, then brought me to this gift of being here. I hope to go through this program and learn more about how God prepares, how he is going to train me and educate me. He has already been teaching me how to become a good steward of all the wonderful gifts He has given me, and how to have a heart for helping others.

I chose to come to Adult & Teen Challenge for healing from traumatic events that took place in my past. I hope to graduate from the program having full freedom and a relationship with Jesus.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas to make Jesus Lord over my life and putting God. With hard work I hope to go into the Associates program. By far the best thing I ever did is obey God and come here. I want to pour into others with life controlling addictions and help them find Jesus. My son went through the program 10 years ago. Now he is working here and is living a redeemed life. Now it’s my turn.

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

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