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I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I had become a fallen leader in my home and my community. My life was in despair and I could barely keep a job due to my lack of self-control and discipline. I had neglected my wife, my church and my spiritual life. Through this program I desire to get all this back. Everything that had been lost I pray for the Lord to help me restore my life. I want to be that godly leader again. I want to help others around me.

My life was unmanageable on my own. I made some poor decisions that separated me from my family and landed me on parole. I did not trust myself in this situation, and was afraid I would violate my agreement. God led me to get help and brought me to Adult & Teen Challenge. I hope to rebuild my relationship with the Lord, and gain the discipline to live a clean life.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to become free from my addiction and grow closer to God. By gaining sobriety I am hoping to gain my families trust again. Through building a relationship with Christ, I know I will have success in overcoming my addiction. I want others to see what God can do in someone like me, and what God can to for others battling addictions.

I grew up in the church, but turned away from God. I started dealing with my personal problems with many forms of drugs and alcohol. After years of doing things my way, God stripped me of everything. The last thing I had to lose was my life, and this landed me in the hospital. That day, the Lord led me to go to Adult & Teen Challenge, and give my life to God. I want to get closer to God and grow as a born again believer.

My life was not stable before coming to Adult & Teen Challenge, and I needed help. I came to the realization that I could find what I was missing on my own. I was not strong enough to do this on my own, and needed the help of Jesus and the program at Adult & Teen Challenge to help me. I want to have a relationship with Jesus and build the rest of my life on His firm foundation.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and get my life right with God.

The opportunity for me to be here presented itself like a light on a very dark night. I truly believe that this door opened for me to seize the chance to regain my relationship with the Lord. I have been picked up from the depths, and time to get back and “fight the good fight.” I want to be the best servant that I can possibly be.

I was surrounded by darkness, a slave to my desires and addictions. I was in total despair, and I concluded that my family would be better off without me. I tried to burn myself alive, but this was a major loss for the devil because the lighter I was going to use didn’t work. In February, I began my walk with Christ and began my healing through this program.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to get to know God more and get into His word. My life has ended me up in jail, and this was my only option. Hitting rock bottom changed everything. I saw the way the rest of my life was headed and I knew I needed to change. I hope to see that change by the time I graduate from this program.

I chose to come to Adult & Teen Challenge to start my life over, and become a better father to my children. I hope to find the inner child in my heart and take him home to God. I hope to achieve peace and healing for my life.

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

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