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I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I want to learn hoe to get back on my feet the proper way. I have tried several times on my own and fell each time. If I do it how I should’ve dot it each time before through God, I will be successful. I pray each day to become the best father I can be to my baby girl. I want to be the dad that she deserves in this life and I never want to let her down.

I was sent to Adult and Teen Challenge by the courts, but I hope to gain knowledge of the Bible and and learn how to control my anger and react to situations in the right way.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge hoping that I wouldn’t go to prison and to learn how to stay sober. I hope to gain a better understanding of the Bible and know God better so I can be there for my wife and daughter. I also hope to gain a better relationship with Christ and my wife and to restore the bridges I burned when I was in addiction.

I had everything, and lost it all. I was prideful and neglected all that God had given me responsibility over. I am now surrounding myself with the presence of God and opening my heart to know Him and allowing Him to form me into the man He wants me to be.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I needed help to get free from alcohol and the trouble I was constantly getting into. I wanted to learn how to follow God. I am learning to hear God's voice and do what He tells me to do.

The life I was living before Adult & Teen Challenge was leaving me broken and was turning to things, trying to fill the piece that was missing. Coming here, I learned Christ was that piece that was missing. I have been learning how to heal through God’s word, and I hope to keep developing my relationship with God.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to get help for my addiction. I hope to get back to God and to get healing with my family relationships.

Life had strayed me away from Christ and down an undesirable path. The Lord brought me to the end of my ways to show me that He has a better way for me. I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to find a life free from the lifestyle that had caused me so much pain. I want to get healthy and learn how to maintain a life of joy in sobriety.

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Assign my sponsorship where needed most

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