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I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because I want to learn hoe to get back on my feet the proper way. I have tried several times on my own and fell each time. If I do it how I should’ve dot it each time before through God, I will be successful. I pray each day to become the best father I can be to my baby girl. I want to be the dad that she deserves in this life and I never want to let her down.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because of a lack of direction in my life. I didn’t have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Rather, I was associating with bad influences that were leading me down a life I didn’t want. It was time for a fresh start. My goal is to grow in a relationship with the Lord. I hope to see restoration in my family and to get back on my feet. I would like to develop healthy habits; financially and good people skills. Most of all I hope to gain

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to overcome my past failures with new life that will benefit myself and my son. I want to learn to trust in the Lord with all of my heart and stop leaning on my understanding. I want to have a higher hope in living. I want to show others what Christ can do and how He can transform lives.

I came here because I know in my heart Jesus is the answer to life’s problems. My life was very lonely before coming here, even with all my loved ones around me I still felt alone. I came here to dig deep into my past with Jesus Christ, and to heal. I want to gain the ability to be able to accept love and to give love in a healthy Christ like way.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to learn unity, respect, and love. I want to learn what it means to be a part of and advance the kingdom of God in my life. I am learning to make worshipping Jesus a lifestyle and to have Christ on the throne of my heart and king of my life. I want to learn to live a sober life and become the Godly spiritual leader of my family.

The main reason I came to Adult & Teen Challenge is so I could try and get help with my addiction. However, I want to see who the Lord really is and learn how He can transform my life. I know I can be better and I want to be better for myself and for my family.

I came to Adult & Teen Challenge to get closer to God and become a better leader. This program has allowed me to separate from society and learn a whole new way of living life, which is not for the world but for God. This is an environment where I can start fresh. After I graduate the program, my goal is to take over my family’s business go back to school, and continue my education.

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

Assign my sponsorship where needed most

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