Apr 29, 2024

Ryan: A New Creation

Ryan Fogle PicRunning your whole life from doing the right thing was always easy.  However, deep down I knew there was something better.  After serving 10 years in prison I came to a place where my heart and mind where empty and drained.  I came to Jesus in 2008 with 2 years left on my sentence and from there, I began to change.  I did not truly know what it was to be a disciple of Christ.  The only thing I knew was that Jesus loves me and that He is always at work.  Upon my release I had a distorted view of being a husband and father.  I was still involved with drugs and alcohol and didn’t know how to live for Jesus.  I came to Adult & Teen Challenge in 2012 and haven’t looked back.  I am a minister and being a part of this work is what God created me to do. Thank you Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas for your commitment to the WAY!

Ryan Fogle, Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas graduate