Apr 19, 2024

New Sand Volleyball Pit and Workout Room Creates Community & Healthy Living at Azle Men’s Campus

Azle Workout Rm1 copy

The Azle campus at Teen Challenge of Texas was recently blessed with a new 20 x 20 foot work-out building outfitted with state-of-the-art weights and exercise equipment. They were also blessed with 75 tons of sand in which they used to make a new sand volleyball court. The Azle Teen Challenge men not only have a healthier outlook on life through the biblical curriculum used in the classroom and the spiritual emphasis in chapel services, they also understand the importance of being physically healthy. God created a body, mind, and spirit in each of His children.

“Our physical health plays in hand with our spiritual health in the sense that we are God’s temple and we are called to take care of it,” saidAdult Azle men’s campus intern Matthew Twine. “I found this to be true in my own personal walk and encourage students to do the same. With the addition of our fitness facility I have seen more men take advantage of this and there has been a ripple effect throughout the campus. It’s bringing the men closer. There is increased moral and energy around the AzleAdult center, and I personally believe it has played a factor in the high spiritual level on this campus. Exercise should always be encouraged for not only the physical benefits, but also the spiritual growth.”

Teen Challenge student Devin Wade said, “Both the weight room and volleyball court have been huge blessings to my brothers and myself. The weight room has taught me how to be dedicated and motivated. I feel like I have more energy and more focus after exercising. Volleyball has taught me how to be a team player and how to uplift my brothers. I’m learning how to cooperate with others versus fighting. I am also learning how to deal with my temper and be more accepting of my brothers.”

In addition to getting physically fit and having fun during their free time, exercising together through volleyball, basketball, and lifting weights has built a closer community amongst these men.
“Yes, it is just a game, but to us it is much more. The exercise is great, but building unity is better. Scoring a point is fun, but lifting your brother up is better. The physical part of the game is great, but the spiritual growth of a band of brothers working in unity for a common goal is what our new life is all about,” said Teen Challenge student Dolph Cullwell.

Teen Challenge student Adam Wilmes said, “It is a community of people who seek to change their body to match the change in their souls and the two are directly related. It’s another outlet to learn discipline.” -Adam Wilmes
Before coming to Teen Challenge, many students, like Jimmy Essmyer, did not know how to have good, clean, healthy fun without partaking in alcohol or drugs. Essmyer said, “In the past I liked Eight Balls (cocaine), now I love to play volleyball!”

Thank you to all of the generous donors and partners of Teen Challenge of Texas who have helped make it possible to build the weight room and sand volleyball court at the Azle men’s campus. Your charitable gifts are making a difference in lives.’Azle Sand Volleyball copy