Apr 23, 2024

Christopher Posada

rehabs in Texas

Hello, my name is Christopher.  I was raised in the church and attended a Christian school.  Jesus was my first love.  I remember studying the fascinating stories of the bible, singing praise and worship songs during chapel, and being surrounded by kind and loving people.  Well, life at home was much different.  My mother was the only one going to church with us while dad ran his own program.  He became violent towards her throughout the years and I would beg God to remove him from our home. One day he finally left.  By that time I was so emotionally damaged that I started to rebel and sin against God.  This went on for about 20 years. Thanks to the radio program, K-Love, I heard about Teen Challenge and my wife and I came to an agreement that our family is worth saving.  I came to Teen Challenge and established a true solid relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Now I am able to be the peaceful, attentive, and courageous Christian husband and father for my wife and our three children.