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adult addiction treatment Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas offers individual counseling to our residential students as part of their 12+ month program to support their holistic transformation also inspired by our educational and discipleship opportunities.
ATC Counseling & Wellness offers free counseling to residential students on several campuses to address their emotional and mental issues through a biblical approach for healing of the mind and soul for abundant life and wellness. Unwaveringly Christ-centered and biblical, all individual counseling is offered by volunteer or staff professionals who are either licensed clinicians or lay leaders who have been trained in Christian counseling. Individual counseling is offered to students after their first 30 days and throughout the program. During months 4-6, adult students participate in a group therapeutic process called The Ultimate Journey. In addition to counseling, students receive advising and mentorship by staff throughout the program on a monthly basis.
Consistent with our ATCOT discipleship model, counseling is highly individualized discipleship. Methods will involve tools to understand roots and combat dysfunctional thoughts/ behaviors. Our objective is to help each student/ individual live an abundant life in Christ. We desire students to focus on acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes to maximize potential for successful life.
adult addiction treatmentWe believe in our staff and provide confidential, professional counseling sessions to support them while they serve our students. Our desire is that each staff who serves our students walk in mental wholeness. We understand that ministry can take a toll and may trigger old wounds, so ATC Counseling & Wellness offers up to 6 free individual counseling sessions for any ATCOT staff or interns. These sessions are confidential, professional, and biblical. Pre-marital and marital counseling may also be offered. Please contact dolly.thomas@tctexas.org for more information.

adult addiction treatmentWe provide ongoing training to staff and students based on biblical principles coupled with findings from science to lead people to abundant mental wellness.

We believe in equipping ATCOT leaders by providing regular training founded on biblical principles and empirically based concepts for emotional healing. ATC Counseling and Wellness partners with Christian counseling professionals to offer Lunch & Learns, classes, and Mental Health Minutes, which focuses on self-care, prevention of emotional and relationship dysfunction, as well as Christ-centered tools to live and stay well.

adult addiction treatmentWant to know more? Reach Dr. Dolly Thomas
Director of Training & Counseling, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Mental Health Minutes

Here’s a sample of the training material we provide to our staff to help them walk in abundant mental life as they minister to our students.

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