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Abbie: A New Creation

Abbie Murphy-SA


Hello, my name is Abbie.  I’m 25 years old and from Beaumont, Texas.  I was raised in church. My desire to fit in grew as I got older and it led me to drugs, unhealthy relationships and jail. I was desperate for help and Teen Challenge was my only hope for change.

Joel: A New Creation

Joel MessinaQuote


Hello, my name is Joel and I am 27 years old.  I was born in New Braunfels, Texas, but lived mostly in Auburn, Alabama  and Houston, Texas.  I started using drugs when I was 16.  I was just trying to fit into the crowd.  In 2009 I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Alabama.  Since then, I have continually been in and out of county jail and rehabilitation centers.  Since I have been here at Adult and Teen Challenge of Texas, I have realized that I never truly let God take control of my life.  I have rededicated my life to Him and have been clean and sober since June 20, 2014.  I can honestly say that God has opened my eyes because of this ministry.

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God is breaking chains and setting people free from life-controlling addictions.  Men and women at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas are becoming new creations in Christ.

Adult & Teen Challenge: Delivering Hope and Freedom since 1968.

New Creation: Gavin

Gavin Krueger, SA Men

Hello, my name is Gavin. I grew up in a good home but I started to rebel as I got older. By my mid 20’s I became an IV drug user.  My life was hopeless and I hit rock bottom.  With the help of my loving family, I got into Adult & Teen Challenge and found Jesus Christ. I have never looked back.

Pedro: A New Creation

Pedro Zambrano.SA Men

My name is Pedro and I am 25 years old from Dallas, Texas.  I was raised in a broken home and I eventually began using drugs when I was 17.  Drug addiction led me to live a depressed and pointless life.  But through the midst of all my troubles I called on the name of the Lord and He delivered me.  Christ has given me the joy and peace I’ve been craving all of my life.

Alumni Spotlight: Navy McGee

A Love Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Marriage.


Teen  Challenge graduate Navy McGee is blessed with a beautiful wife and two young daughters and is thriving with his new job. However, life was not always filled with joy for Navy. In 2010 his marriage was on the rocks after another DWI. “I lived a life of self-pleasure and self-gratification,” said Navy. “I was depressed and addicted to alcohol. I had plans to attempt suicide, but before I could end my life, I got pulled over by the cops for a third DWI and went to prison.”

“When I got arrested, I left my family high and dry with no money. I thought it was over. I thought I was losing everything. But God said, ‘I have this.’ It doesn’t make any sense in the natural, but God works in the supernatural. He knew that a healing process needed to take place. While in prison, I began reading the Bible and had an encounter with God. I read the book of Acts and the words just started jumping off the pages. I still had to go through the consequences of my actions, but God did not condemn me. He forgave me.”

“After being released from prison, I heard about Teen Challenge and went into the program wanting everything to be fixed immediately. I told God that I wanted my kids back, my wife back, and my job back. However, I quickly learned it was all in God’s timing, not mine.”Navy’s wife Sheree wanted nothing to do with him. Tired of the alcoholism and addictive behavior from her husband, she had divorce papers ready to sign and a boyfriend waiting for her. She was ready to call it “quits” and throw in the towel.

“While I was in Teen Challenge it dawned on me that more than my job, money, and my family, God wanted ME! That’s when things started to change. I prayed and fasted for 40 days and came to a point where I realized that all I wanted was God’s will for my life…nothing more and nothing less. The Lord gave me a vision and told me to stop looking back and to keep my eyes fixed on Him. We were facing foreclosure on our home and having our car repossessed. But God kept saying, ‘If you’re about My business, I’m going to take care of your business.’ I had to trust in Him completely.”

Navy&Sheree McGee

Navy & Sheree celebrate God’s miracles in marriage.

Sheree said, “I grew up in a single-parent family after my father walked out when I was 1 years old. I wanted to make sure my kids still had a relationship with their father. Even after filing for divorce and not believing our marriage would work, I didn’t want to hinder my children’s relationship with their father. In the process of taking my daughters to see Navy, I witnessed a transformation and spiritual growth in my husband while he was in Teen Challenge. I got rid of the boyfriend and knew I had to do what was right by God and my family. I let go and let God take over. I had to learn patience, forgiveness, and how to listen. The Lord was growing me in my faith and restoring my marriage.”

As time went on, romantic feelings blossomed all over again for Sherree and Navy. The night that Navy graduated from Teen Challenge, the McGees renewed their wedding vows. It was the start of a new beginning.

“Our past does not define us,” said Navy. “What defines us is our identity in Christ and how we live today. Our sins of yesterday have been forgiven and washed by the blood of Jesus. Love is a choice. We wake up every day and we choose each other. It’s the same love that God has for each of us. You can’t break that kind of love. When I fall, I make amends quickly so things don’t fester. I try to honor my wife and lift her up like Christ loved the church in Ephesians 5:25-28.”

The McGees were able to keep their house and their car, and this year they celebrate 21 years of marriage. They are putting Christ in the center of their relationship. They continue to trust in God each day and are both thankful for God’s amazing love in saving their marriage.

Janie Burkett Testimony on CBN

Janie Burkett was raised in a quiet town in Oklahoma. She was a pastor’s daughter with a happy childhood and loving family.

“We had a great church,” Janie said. “I always knew I was going to do something big for God. I loved Jesus so much.”

But when Janie was 10 years old, her parents separated.

“We were busy, busy with God,” Janie said. “They were busy helping other people but they forgot about themselves. The vision that I had of God began to switch. That He is a judgmental God. The vision of God was “If you are a loving God, then why do you let such bad things happen to good people?”

A few months later, Janie’s parents reconciled. They decided to travel full-time as evangelists but Janie hated her new life on the road.

“My childhood from that point on was hard because everything that I had known was crumbling,” Janie said. “I began to comfort eat. It was the one thing that would be there when everybody else left. I was 200 pounds at 15, 16 years old.”

At the age of 15, while her parents were preaching at a revival, Janie was raped by a boy her age. For years, she kept it a secret.

“For a long time, I took the blame of it, that it was my fault,” Janie said, “and I hated myself. I was raped when I was fat, so I just wanted to get rid of it. I wanted to get rid of it, so I think that is where most of the bulimia started.”

After five years on the road, Janie’s family settled down in a small Texas town. Janie plunged into the party life.

“I began to get in with the wrong crowd,” Janie said. “Then when I took my first hit of cocaine at 17 is when it was ‘over the top.’ The whole insecurity faded. And, this is what caught me with the drugs, because it completely took away the reality of what I thought about myself. But, as soon as the high faded off the insecurity came right back. So, I was hooked, my first hit and I was hooked.”

While her drug use was rising, Janie’s weight was plummeting.

“When I would look in the mirror and I was 110 pounds I was like, I have got to get thinner,” Janie said.  “The only way I am going to be loved is if I am really, really, really thin. The more dope I can do, the thinner I can get. The more I throw up, the thinner I can get.”

Soon, Janie found a new way to take drugs; the needle.

“I had like a $300 a day or $400 a day habit,” Janie said. So then you start selling dope, then you start doing forgery, you start doing organized crime. It wasn’t a party life anymore, it was a way of survival”

Janie’s family was grieved over her addictions, but their efforts to pull her out were futile.

“They would try to do as much as they could to pour Jesus into me the time that I would be home,” Janie said.  “They would put on Christian worship music when I would come home and I would clean up for a day, and there I’d go. I can remember my dad being in the driveway with tears pouring down his face because he knew he wouldn’t see me again for months.”

By the age of 22, Janie was a high profile drug dealer with 17 warrants out for her arrest.

“They had set my bond at 1.5 million dollars,” Janie said. “Like, 1.5 million dollars”

Janie eventually served 18 months of a 5 year prison sentence. But, less than a year after her release, she violated her probation with alcohol and drug use.

“On Dec. 18th was my hearing for me to go in front of the judge,” Janie said. “She looked at me through her glasses and she said, ‘I am confining miss Burkett to the Texas Department of Corrections for 40 years.”

“I thought about, when its time to get married, I’m going to be in prison. When it is time to have kids and watch them grow up. I’m going to be in prison. 24 years old, completely broken, 90-something pounds, alcoholic, drug addict. I had no life left before me.”

“I was transferred back to the Women’s State Prison to serve out my 40 years,” Janie said. “I remember looking out the window, seeing all that was before me, it was just me and Jesus…me and the Savior who died for me.”

“And I said God, I have made a mess out of my life,” Janie said. “I said if you can take this broken person and make something good out of it, then do it. And I ask you Lord, that if it be your will, would you please overturn this sentence? But if not, then give me grace to accept the fact that this is where I will spend most of my life and give me peace and love to do it.”

“My inside began to change,” Janie said. “I began to read my Bible. I began to pray, my anger began to break and my hate began to break and the love of God began to flow through me.

At the same time Janie and her parents were praying for a miracle, the judge who sentenced her resigned. Soon after, Janie received a letter from her mother.

“And it said, ‘YAYYYY! We got a new trial.’  In big letters it said, ‘the new judge is going to hear your case.’”

Janie asked the new judge to send her to a Christian rehab program called Teen Challenge.

“She came out and she said, ‘If I could give you a 60 year prison sentence and probate it, I would because what you did was wrong and unacceptable with this court.’ She said, ‘however, that would not be merciful nor would it be compassionate. What I am going to do it probate that sentence, that you go to Teen Challenge, you complete the program, and you make something of yourself. ‘”

“I saw a God that day that loved me,” Janie said, “Not a judgmental God. Not a God that is going to throw you away because you are worthless, but a God that makes broken things new! I saw a God who loved me more than I loved myself.”

Janie left for Teen Challenge.

“I went in basically dead,” Janie said, “a dead person with skin and bones and the Lord was transforming me this 13 months.  I graduated at 135 pounds. I had finally completed something in my life and God had given me a new start. And I looked in the mirror and I saw somebody completely different. I saw my hair was fuller and my eyes were beautiful. I didn’t see fat anymore. I saw who God saw.”

Today, Janie is drug free and has completely reconciled with her family. She is also a full time speaker and has written a book called, “Unshackled.”

“There is no drug that is too big for God,” Janie said. “There is no prison that is too big for God.  Give your life to Jesus because it will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life.  Just try Jesus. Don’t let him be your last shot. Try him and see what a difference he can make in your life.”

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Christopher Posada

Christopher Posada

Hello, my name is Christopher.  I was raised in the church and attended a Christian school.  Jesus was my first love.  I remember studying the fascinating stories of the bible, singing praise and worship songs during chapel, and being surrounded by kind and loving people.  Well, life at home was much different.  My mother was the only one going to church with us while dad ran his own program.  He became violent towards her throughout the years and I would beg God to remove him from our home. One day he finally left.  By that time I was so emotionally damaged that I started to rebel and sin against God.  This went on for about 20 years. Thanks to the radio program, K-Love, I heard about Teen Challenge and my wife and I came to an agreement that our family is worth saving.  I came to Teen Challenge and established a true solid relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Now I am able to be the peaceful, attentive, and courageous Christian husband and father for my wife and our three children.



Hello, my name is Oliver. When my dad retired from the army, we moved into a residential neighborhood.  Trying to make new friends at 14, I began smoking cigarettes, pot, and drinking beer.  By the time I was 18, I had gone to juvenile hall for residential burglary.  I continued in this lifestyle.  I believe God brought Georgia into my life to slow me down.  We dated for a year before we married.  We had a baby boy soon after.  One day my wife and son died in a car accident.  For years I tried to drown my sorrows with drinking.  God sent me a Christian friend who told me about Teen Challenge.  I was so addicted to alcohol that I was rushed to a hospital where I was able to detox.  I asked a nurse for a Bible. As I began reading the Gospel, all my shakes, sweats, and hallucinations disappeared.  God’s word says in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 “They that are in Christ are a new creation, the past is gone, behold all has become new.”  I thank Jesus for new beginnings and know if I continue to follow Christ, joy and happiness will be upon my heart.  Amen!


Kyle Wyatt

Kyle Wyatt

Hello, my name is Kyle.  I grew up in church but never had a relationship with Christ.  After a failed marriage and losing really good jobs, friends, and family to drugs, I came to Teen Challenge broken.  In October 2012 Teen Challenge took me in and introduced me to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Life is great and now I have hope!

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