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Time at our annual retreat at The H-E-B Foundation Camp in Leakey, TX changed lives! 85 students were baptized and surrendered their lives to Christ. It was an incredible time of fellowship and fun.

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Spiritual Emphasis Week at Azle Men’s Campus

Azle men spiritual emphasis week.The Azle men’s campus held several amazing and anointed services this week during their spiritual emphasis week.  The Lord showed His presence in every chapel service in a powerful way as men came to the alters and surrendered their lives to God.  Several men prayed a prayer for salvation for the very first time. Some of these men started letting go of their addictive and troublesome pasts, as they allowed God to begin a deeper healing in their hearts.  As they prayed to God, they were also encouraging and praying for one another.  Many were finding a new found freedom in Christ.

The Lord is doing a mighty work in the lives of many of our Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas students.  We are thankful and blessed to know that the Lord is no respecter of persons.  He is a good God.  He loves every sinner, every addict, and every person on this earth.

“…Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners.” I Timothy 1:15.

“God wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.” I Timonthy 2:4

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. John 3:16.

Britany: A New Creation


Learning the greatest gift of all is life.

Hello, my name is Britany.  For eight years I was lost to booze, drugs, and bad love.  My entire family suffered from my choices, including my daughter.  I had a relatively good childhood, aside from being raised by a single mother who expected perfection.  I grew up without my dad, which added an extra layer of confusion to my pain.  I believed that love was something to be earned, not something that was freely given.  I thought love was nothing more than gaining attention.  I hid in my own little world, but couldn’t make the agonizing pain on the inside go away, so I started cutting myself.  I made idols out of many worldly things, hoping and longing for them to fill the void inside of me.

After a few overdoses, I finally hit rock bottom.  I had nowhere else to look but up. I turned my eyes to Jesus and came to Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  Even though I had cursed Him, and refused to believe He even existed, it was He who set me free.  Jesus transformed my heart, my desires, and my ambitions.  Before, I felt burdened and overwhelmed by being a mother.  Now, I recognize that God gave me the greatest gift of all…He gave me life.

Alexa: A New Creation

Alexa.HoustonHello, my name is Alexa.  I was raised in a family that may have been portrayed by some people as the “all American dream”.  We attended church every Sunday, owned a beautiful home, and went on amazing vacations to Florida each year.  The reality was that my mother and father were abusive to each other daily, in plain view of me and my younger sisters.

At the age of ten, I started smoking and drinking.  At the age or 27, I chose to have an abortion.  After the abortion, I started smoking crack cocaine.  One and a half years later I was pregnant, and abortion was not an option.  I gave birth to my first daughter.  Then I had my second daughter and began developing a relationship with God.  I was very active in church and I developed good Christian relationships.  Then I fell, hard and became addicted to drugs.  I ended up prostituting to support my $300.00 a day habit while living under a bridge.

Our God is a God of Restoration and He is faithful.

My mom recommended Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas (ATCOT) and I agreed to go.  ATCOT has changed not only my life, but my family’s life.  Our God is a God of restoration and He is faithful.  I am building a relationship with Him based on a solid foundation that I could only have achieved by coming to ATCOT.  Being at ATCOT has taught me to be still and hear His voice.

Divine Appointments & the Power of Prayer

Pink ribboncancer_awarenessOur God is an all-knowing God and He meets us right where we are at, even in life’s most difficult trials.  Sometimes He brings angels who cross our paths.  And sometimes He simply uses willing vessels to speak encouragement and life into another person in need of God’s tender love.  Recently some of our students from the Azle Men’s Campus had a divine appointment when they had an opportunity to pray with a woman named Carol, a breast cancer survivor.Azle fundraising

Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas staff member Matt Barrientos said, “While three of our Teen Challenge students and I sat at our Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas Drug Awareness table in front of a Christian bookstore, we were approached by a woman interested in the hand crafted wooden crosses that are made by our Adult & Teen Challenge men.”

“After talking with this lady for a couple of minutes,” Matt said,  “We could tell that she was upset.  I asked if there was anything we could pray with her about.  She started crying and told us that she had cancer and was scared.  The four of us stood up, surrounded her, and began praying. The presence of God was so strong and when we had finished praying, the woman was very thankful and hugged us all.  The rest of the day, God continued filling us with His Spirit as we were uplifted, encouraged, and humbled that God could use us as His vessels that day to pray with this woman.”

Adult & Teen Challenge student Austin Zang said, “After we prayed with that incredibly strong woman of God, all of our spirits were lifted and we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all day long.”

This is Carol’s story…

Carol.Friend of TC3

“While running errands in Frisco, Texas a few weeks ago, I noticed the Adult & Teen Challenge table with young men, drug-awareness handouts, wooden crosses, and friendly faces.  I had just come from my doctor’s office where I had been given the results of my recent pathology tests.  I had just had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. The pathology results revealed that precancerous cells were present, but with surgery and treatment, my chances looked hopeful.  I had been crying….it was not my first journey with cancer, since I had been in the battle since 2011,” said Carol Martin.

As she approached these young men, Carol said, “They all sensed my needs and could see my concerns through my tears.  Before I could enter the store, the whole group stood and then surrounded me and began to pray.  I was speechless.  I could not even explain to them that God had been with me in my cancer fight, yet these strangers were lifting me up to the Great Physician for healing and strength.  It was a precious moment and I was moved to more tears and gratefulness.”pink-cancer-awareness-wristbands

“This wonderful group of Christian men were there helping those who need God in their life.  Mainly they assisted those who had drug problems,” said Carol.  Drugs can destroy and tear down people and families.  However, self-control and discipline can be regained with the power of God, and the guidance of His word.  Freedom, hope, healing, and strength are possible through the love of Jesus Christ.  “Surrounding oneself with Christians is the first step,” Carol said.  “Believing is the next step, and never giving up is another step.  Just keep trusting Him.”  As the Adult & Teen Challenge men were praying for Carol, she was in turn encouraging them.

“As I went into the store after praying with these men, God continued to speak to my heart,” said Carol.  “These Teen Challenge men made an impact on me.  I am not a drug addict.  I am just a sinner saved by grace and I was reminded that day how important it is to be encouraged and supported when you are at your lowest.  I dropped a check into their donation box on the table, along with a prayer that God will continue to use this group to do His work.  There is so much work to do for His kingdom, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to see Him at work in the lives of the men at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.”

‘Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us; looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.’   Hebrews 12

A New Creation: Elizabeth



I grew up believing my dad didn’t want me.  I struggled with low self-esteem.  I started drinking from the age of 15 to 34.  Then I got court ordered to Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  Since I have been in this program, my life has changed.  God has given me a reason to live and has taught me to surrender my life to Him.  Thank you Teen Challenge.

New Creation: Jetty


Hello, my name is Jetty.  I was raised in Dallas, in a very abusive home. I started using drugs at an early age.  All of my friends and cousins smoked pot and I thought it was really cool.  By the time I started High School I was using any kind of drug I could get a hold of.

Later I got married, but my wife divorced me because she wanted to live a better life without drugs.  My problems only got worse after the divorce.  Depression overwhelmed me and I quickly spiraled downhill.  I ended up in prison and decided to give my life to Christ.  But I didn’t have the tools I needed to stay clean and keep God in my life.

I landed back in jail, but I knew I had to do something different with my life.  I asked God to help me.  I then got in touch with Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  I never had joy in my heart before. I never thought I was worthy of love, let alone God’s love.  Teen Challenge has given me the tools I need to carry Jesus into the workplace and allow Him to direct all aspects of my life for His glory.  Thank you Jesus and thank you Teen Challenge.

Deborah: A New Creation

Deborah brown.SA


Hello, my name is Deborah.  In my home I was raised without God.  My mother didn’t want me, and she made it clear. I grew up sustaining a lot of mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse in my home.  I was deeply depressed and angry.  Kids were cruel because I was bi-racial, and so I got into drugs for relief and acceptance.  I accepted Christ at 13 years old, but I had no real understanding as to how to walk with God.  For over 30 years, I abused drugs and then I found Adult & Teen Challenge, and now I’m in love with God.  Adult & Teen Challenge has given me the tools and mentors to help guide me and offer me a chance to heal.  I am a new creation because He loves me.  There is no turning back.  Amen.

Brittany: A New Creation

birttany.SA.summer2015Hello, my name is Brittany.   I am 27 years old, and I’m from a small town in east Texas. Since a very young age, I allowed the enemy to tell me that I wasn’t good enough… that I had to be just like my sister, or that I didn’t matter.  I became saved as a teenager, but I ended up pregnant at the age of 16 years old.  My parents thought it would be best if I had an abortion.  I became even more depressed.  I ended up being so angry at God, my family, but most of all myself. Throughout my life, I got into many toxic relationships trying to find out what I was missing.  I turned to drugs and I finally got to the point where I knew I was going to end up in jail or worse if I didn’t change.  I went to my parents and asked for help.  This is how I ended up at Adult & Teen Challenge.

Since I’ve been in the program, I have begun to let go of my anger. This is why I stand on Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight”. I now know that I can’t do it on my own. God has mended relationships in my family and I know that there are only greater things to come.

Listen to Floyd Miles, III testimony on National Radio Program “Unshackled”

Floyd Miles Listen to San Antonio Men’s Director at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas, Floyd Miles, III as his personal testimony is shared on the national radio program “UNSHACKLED” Part 1. His story was developed into a radio dramatization and is being aired this week. You can hear the the PART 1 of his story by clicking:

Unshackled Radio Drama: Floyd Miles, III Part 1

Part 2 of Miles’ testimony will be aired next week and will be available here on our website.

In 1980 ….after joining the Air Force in an effort to better his life, get away from drugs and get out of Harlem….Rev. Miles was not allowed on the plane to go to San Antonio because he was just six pounds overweight. He was devastated and broke down and cried. When he returned home his drug use escalated and he would eventually enter Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, New York. Now it’s 2015 and Rev. Miles is serving the Lord at the San Antonio Men’s Campus at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.

Despite many trials and obstacles, God had a plan for his life! He has a plan for yours as well. Jeremiah 29:11.

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