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2015 Leaky Retreat Stirs New Passion for Jesus


The students and staff from every campus at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas recently came back from the annual 2015 Leakey Retreat at the HEB campgrounds near Leakey, Texas. They had fun participating in a variety of activities all week including: swimming in the river, canoeing, playing in the basketball and softball tournaments, and just enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature in their quiet devotional time with the Lord.

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Surrounded by the Lord’s beautiful creation, this was a spiritual time for renewal and revival, as well as a time to search one’s heart and get right with God. Daily messages were presented by staff and friends of the ministry in the open pavilion overlooking the river. The encouraging and powerful words from each speaker spoke to the essence of each person.

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The Holy Spirit was present at each service as the Lord tugged on the hearts of the men and women at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas. Several people gave their hearts to Jesus for the very first time. Many others rededicated their lives to the Lord. When they repented of their sins, Jesus forgave them. Their old flesh died and a new creation rose up.  Toward the end of the week more than 67 students were baptized in the river.

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The Lord was doing some amazing things in the lives of the students at this retreat. Many were learning to let go and lay down their addictive behaviors while running to the cross and allowing God to do miracles in their lives, heal their broken hearts, and bring restoration to their families.

Thank you HEB for making this retreat possible.

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