New Creation: Jetty


Hello, my name is Jetty.  I was raised in Dallas, in a very abusive home. I started using drugs at an early age.  All of my friends and cousins smoked pot and I thought it was really cool.  By the time I started High School I was using any kind of drug I could get a hold of.

Later I got married, but my wife divorced me because she wanted to live a better life without drugs.  My problems only got worse after the divorce.  Depression overwhelmed me and I quickly spiraled downhill.  I ended up in prison and decided to give my life to Christ.  But I didn’t have the tools I needed to stay clean and keep God in my life.

I landed back in jail, but I knew I had to do something different with my life.  I asked God to help me.  I then got in touch with Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  I never had joy in my heart before. I never thought I was worthy of love, let alone God’s love.  Teen Challenge has given me the tools I need to carry Jesus into the workplace and allow Him to direct all aspects of my life for His glory.  Thank you Jesus and thank you Teen Challenge.

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About Us

Adult and Teen Challenge is the faith-based SOLUTION for the drug epidemic. The scope of Adult & Teen Challenge has grown over the years, and now serves adults as well as teenagers. There are over 200 Teen Challenge campuses in the United States, and over 1000 centers world wide in over 80 countries, which provide Christian recovery services to individuals of every age and social background. Typically, these services are long-term residential recovery centers which provide a life-encompassing environment through which the participant is able to change their lifestyle and develop a plan for a future free from addiction.