Listen to Floyd Miles, III testimony on National Radio Program “Unshackled”

Floyd Miles Listen to San Antonio Men’s Director at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas, Floyd Miles, III as his personal testimony is shared on the national radio program “UNSHACKLED” Part 1. His story was developed into a radio dramatization and is being aired this week. You can hear the the PART 1 of his story by clicking:

Unshackled Radio Drama: Floyd Miles, III Part 1

Part 2 of Miles’ testimony will be aired next week and will be available here on our website.

In 1980 ….after joining the Air Force in an effort to better his life, get away from drugs and get out of Harlem….Rev. Miles was not allowed on the plane to go to San Antonio because he was just six pounds overweight. He was devastated and broke down and cried. When he returned home his drug use escalated and he would eventually enter Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, New York. Now it’s 2015 and Rev. Miles is serving the Lord at the San Antonio Men’s Campus at Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.

Despite many trials and obstacles, God had a plan for his life! He has a plan for yours as well. Jeremiah 29:11.

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