Teen Challenge of Texas Opens new Women & Children’s Program

Women and Children


Teen Challenge of Texas recently opened a Women and Children’s program in May at the Houston women’s campus in Pasadena, Texas.

“We are excited to announce the opening of our women and children’s program,” said Leena Abraham, director of the Teen Challenge of Texas women’s campus in Houston.

“This is an opportunity for women who are pregnant or who have children to receive the recovery help that they need while also taking parenting classes and being mentored on how to be a godly mother.” 

This program models the lifestyle of a working mom.  The women are active in the recovery program during the day and responsible for caring for their child or children in the evenings and weekends.

There are currently 12 beds available for the women and children’s program and space to grow.  “My vision is to see us increase our capacity to house a large number of women and children,” Abraham said.

There is a great need to provide help to female addicts who are single moms, but there are also financial expenses to run a program like this.  Teen Challenge of Texas has set up a Sponsor-A-Student program to help moms with children come to Teen Challenge and offer a successfully-proven faith-based recovery program so they can obtain the help they need.

For only $500 a month per woman, or $250 a month per child, you could sponsor a mom or child in the Sponsor-A-Student program and make a difference in changing lives.  This sponsorship program gives women addicts a chance for healthy recovery, healing, and education to be a better parent.  It gives babies and young children a chance to not have to be separated from their moms while their mothers are getting the help they need to be free from their life-controlling addictions.

There are many women with children who need help, but choose not to go to a recovery program because they would never leave their children for a long period of time, or they may not have any safe place to leave their children while they themselves are trying to get help.  The Teen Challenge of Texas women and children’s program is a comprehensive Christian faith-based solution.

Will you help?  Will you sponsor a mom or child?  Will you make a difference today?

For more information about our Sponsor-A-Student program, call (713) 941-2720 or e-mailfindhope@tctexas.org.


-New Playground Equipment

-New or slightly used children’s books, toys, and clothes

-New or slightly used maternity clothing

*All donations to Teen Challenge of Texas are tax-deductible.

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