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TCoT Alumni Testimony

TCoT Alumni Testimony


It took me a little longer to get here than most, and it took me a little longer to graduate than most. I came to teen challenge on Nov, 18, 2011.

Hello.  My name is Keith.  Before coming to Teen Challenge I had been an out-of-control drinker and self-destructive for about 30 years.   I built myself up to potential great success, and then tore myself down with alcohol.  This happened several times.

Some might say I was hopeless.  I spent over eight years in prison due to alcohol.  My life was a total disaster.  I came to Teen Challenge with hopes of restoring my life, and my family.  While at Teen Challenge I developed a relationship with the Lord and lost that life-controlling desire to drink.  My relationship with my family is still in the process of being restored and is a work in progress.  At one point I wanted to quit, but rather than giving up, I chose to honor the commitment I made to God, myself, my family, and Teen Challenge.  God only knows how much I prayed that I had made the right choice.

The Word of God helped me through the process of finishing the race and the testing of my endurance, patience, faith, and so much more.  One scripture that I stood on was Hebrews 10:35-36 which says, ‘So, do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.  You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.’

I am going to trust in His timing and not my own.  I thank God for bringing me to Teen Challenge and giving me the opportunity to become sober.

Keith has graduated from Teen Challenge of Texas and is now in the Re-entry program in Brenham, TX and doing great!

Daniel Blackwell

Daniel Blackwell

Hello, my name is Daniel and I’m twenty-two years old.  I’ve been saved by the grace of God, but I haven’t always walked this path.  Before coming to Teen Challenge, I was addicted to pain pills and alcohol.  My life was going nowhere fast.  Between incarcerations and rehabs, I was wrapped up in a life of sin.  Teen Challenge opened my eyes and my heart up to Jesus Christ who came and died for my sins, so that I may live in eternity with Him.  I recently gave my life over to Him after returning to Teen Challenge.  Initially, I was unwilling to change my ways and was ultimately kicked out of the program.  Now I’m back with a new outlook on life and living for my Savior, who rescued me from a deep, dark place.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  My future is looking bright and I’m happy to say, “I am redeemed!”

TCoT Alumni Meet for 2nd Annual Reunion

TCoT Alumni Meet for 2nd Annual Reunion

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, March 2nd when the Teen Challenge of Texas Alumni met for the 2nd annual TCOT Alumni Reunion at the Magnolia Men’s campus.  Dozens of TCOT graduates and their families came out to reconnect with their fellow alumni and friends.  The Magnolia campus hosted this event and provided a delicious, mouth-watering Bar-BQ.  As alumni enjoyed the outdoor picnic overlooking the lovely pond behind the TCOT Magnolia house, long-time friends were able to reconnect.

The alumni and their families had fun playing pool, basketball, and other games.  Directors and staff from each of the six Teen Challenge of Texas campuses conveyed some exciting news about what was happening on each of their campuses, including updates on the new Freedom Hill Restoration and Re-entry campus for men and women in Brenham, TX.  Two alumni shared tear-jerking testimonies about how Teen Challenge has changed their lives, and TCOT president, George Thomas, talked about the non-residential program, Lifeline Connection groups and how TCOT alumni can continue to stay involved with Teen Challenge.  He gave an encouraging word and one of the Magnolia students led everyone in some worship songs.  The event concluded with more fellowship with friends and campus tours of the Magnolia facility and the Star-Man T-shirt factory.

“We are proud of our students when they complete the Teen Challenge of Texas program and graduate,” said TCOT Public Relations Manager, Sara Woodcock.  “However, graduating is not the end of the road for our TCOT alumni.  We want to encourage our alumni to stay involved with TCOT, be accountable to other TCOT alumni friends, and keep living the Christian principles that they learned at Teen Challenge.  We want every TCOT alumni to know that we are still there for them.”

TCOT San Antonio Men’s Campus Program Coordinator, Austin Baughman said, “I hear it all the time.  Guys graduate from the program and go out into the world and say how alone they feel.  The TCOT alumni group is an important piece for everyone to still feel connected.”

Baughman, a TCOT alum and current full-time staff at TCOT said, “I’ve met some of my best friends at TCOT as a student. To this day I still stay connected with them for support. Our alumni are growing strong and they are making big difference in their communities… remember you are not alone!”

Teen Challenge of Texas plans to continue to offer alumni events each year hosted by different TCOT campuses.  You can stay connected with TCOT on Facebook, sign up to receive the monthly e-newsletter, and join us at the next TCOT alumni event and other TCOT events throughout the year.



Hello. My Name is Diamond.  I am 22 years old from Spring Branch, Texas.  My whole life I’ve grown up as a Christian. I was always well educated, very active in sports and extra activities. As I grew older, out of acceptance by negative people, I began using gateway drugs and it quickly grew into harder drugs.  By high school my focus was less on sports and more on drugs.  I was allowing the devil to just take hold of my life.  Three months before graduation I dropped out of high school and found myself in a bad relationship with a boy.  I ended up getting into some legal trouble and was placed on probation for eight years.  By age 18 with five felonies, I felt like my life was ruined.  About three years into probation I found myself relapsing on an IV drug and ended up on life support and in a coma for 14 days.  After waking up, I couldn’t walk or talk and I realized I needed God to direct my path again.

I have now rededicated my life again to Christ through Teen Challenge.  Because of my overdose I had revoked my probation and was facing a prison sentence.  I brought the idea of Teen Challenge to my judge’s attention but he was not for it.  Twelve months had gone by and in the end I had the choice to either attend a six month rehab through the system or go to Teen Challenge for 12 months.  I chose Teen Challenge because I wanted that relationship with God.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.  I am now married to a wonderful man, basing our marriage on Christ. I’m not afraid of completing probation.  I know now that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  My passion in life is to counsel juvenile kids struggling with acceptance and to just let them know it’s not worth trying drugs to “fit in”. The enemy has been defeated by MY Savior Jesus Christ!

Teen Challenge of Texas Goes to Haiti

Teen Challenge of Texas Goes to Haiti

HaitiTeen Challenge of Texas Men’s Director in San Antonio, Floyd Miles III and intern, Zach Cazalas, were recently invited to come and minister at the Teen Challenge campus in Haiti in February 2013. This incredible, life-changing opportunity allowed these two men from Texas a chance to see and experience ministry from a different culture.

“Just being asked to go to Haiti was such an honor and privilege,” said Director Floyd Miles. “Some of the highlights of the trip were simply talking to the people, getting to know them, listening to their story, and ministering with them one on one.”
Miles had opportunities to preach, teach, and offer hope to the men of the Haiti Teen Challenge. Miles and Cazalas also visited and ministered at a local school, boot camp, orphanage, and church.

Cazalas was equally moved by his experience in Haiti. “I was very impacted during the Wednesday night chapel service. Hundreds of Haitian people came to an outdoor church. Every single person had their Bible in hand and eager to sing loud and bold praises to the Lord. The positive attitudes and joyful generosity made me feel very welcome,” Cazalas said. “Even though I could not speak their language, I could feel their love, which are more than a hundred words could say. The Spirit of God was common between all of us and made us brothers and sisters in Christ, despite our many vast cultural differences.”

The history of Teen Challenge of Haiti began in 2008 when a team from the Minnesota Teen Challenge traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and were spiritually moved by the tremendous poverty and daily struggles experienced by the people of that country. More specifically, they observed the “fatherlessness” and lack of positive role models for the young Haitian men who have little hope for their future.
In 2010 the Haiti Teen Challenge (HTC) was officially established as a non-profit, religious organization, and tax-exempt 501 (c)3. HTC campus officially opened in February 2011 with 23 young men currently residing at the center located in Port-au-Prince. The mornings are reserved for devotions, Bible study, and counseling. The afternoons are spent in vocational training.

HTC’s approach is based on the Global Teen Challenge model that has been successful in hundreds of countries worldwide. It focuses on breaking the strongholds in one’s life, such as drug and alcohol addictions, poverty, and bondage of dependency. Building upon a Christian foundation of discipleship, HTC teaches life skills through vocational education and leadership training.
God is no respecter of persons. He truly loves the children of this world. The Holy Spirit is moving around the globe, and it was evident to Miles and Cazalas on their trip to Haiti. “I realized God is moving by His Spirit all over the world,” said Miles. “We have brothers and sisters in every nation. We were created to share and demonstrate God’s love wherever we go.”

The men at HTC and the people of Haiti have left a permanent mark in the hearts of Miles and Cazalas. “They are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life,” Cazalas said. “I was honored to serve God among them.”

About Us

Adult and Teen Challenge is the faith-based SOLUTION for the drug epidemic. The scope of Adult & Teen Challenge has grown over the years, and now serves adults as well as teenagers. There are over 200 Teen Challenge campuses in the United States, and over 1000 centers world wide in over 80 countries, which provide Christian recovery services to individuals of every age and social background. Typically, these services are long-term residential recovery centers which provide a life-encompassing environment through which the participant is able to change their lifestyle and develop a plan for a future free from addiction.